My Travel Philosophy

Why does a person travel ?

Does one travel to get from point A to B as quickly as possible ?

Does one travel to brag about all the dangers en problems you encountered (and survived) along the way? Or all the alcohol and women to perhaps prove something?

Does one travel to report afterwards on how good or bad a vehicle was?

All the above can be true.  However, I gave it a lot of thought on why I wanted to undertake such a long and arduous journey.  I formulated my philosophy quite clearly.

I wanted to listen to the deep sound of my thumper that comfortably will carry me many kilometers per day.  I didn’t want to race through Africa or Russia or Siberia, listening to the whining of an over-extended engine.  It doesn't matter how many kilometers I am going to travel every day.

I want to experience as much as possible. I want to meet the people, travel through unknown country sides.  I want to enjoy all the colours and different smells of areas, which other people call their home.

I want to leave all prejudices at home.  I don't want to travel to other countries with the preconceived ideas of ‘this is how we do it in our country’.  Arrogance does no justice to any country, through which one travels, or to any person, whom one meets.

As a blessed person I hope to reach to end of my long journey, a much wiser person who lived out the full principles of the Alchemist.

"Life is truly good to those who pursue their life destiny." (The Alchemist)

(My philosophy: Grow bigger than your shadow at sunset)