Lodie de Jager

My name is Lodie de Jager. 

I am passionate about the bush, Africa, the Kalahari, photography and travelling. After my life-changing trip across Africa in 2008 I adore Africa and the people of Africa even more than before. My favourite country is Sudan. Travelling through Sudan and the Nubian desert is an experience that touches the soul.

When I am not daydreaming about the next adventure, I work, sometimes too hard, I think.  Then again that might be the assumption of many lazy-bones, so I wonít boast about it.

I am the director of the FSA Youth Exchange, a pupils exchange program between South Africa and Germany. (www.fsa-youthexchange.co.za)

I like people but I also enjoy doing things on my own.  That is the reason why I decided to take time off. No, I don't have any unresolved issues and hang-ups in my life that I want to sort out. I just love my own company.

What made me moving to Naboomspruit?  I lived in Pretoria until the end of 2003.  I was fed up with the city, the traffic, taxiís and traffic jams. So I decided to move to the tranquil bushveld.  I havenít had a moment's regret.  Naboomspruit in the Limpopo is my home and paradise and itís from here that I will start my trip to Germany .

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